What Is Angel Wing Calcite?

Angel wing calcite is a form of calcite that is known to build a connection between your soul and the higher divine angels. The stone may allow the angels to guide you and bring prosperity to your life. Generally, this stone has a blunt physical appearance and is white in color. The stone is known for its higher vibrational properties invoking several chakras.
Internal abilities such as experiencing psychic tendencies, channeling negative energy into positive energy, experiencing the divine world, and feeling peace and calm may be achieved with the help of the stone.
>>Angel Wing Calcite Chakras
Throat chakra
Solar Plexus chakra
Heart chakra
>>Angel Wing Calcite Healing Properties
Many claims suggest that the angel wing crystal comes in handy for connecting your inner soul to the angelic realm of the divine. The sole purpose of the angelic connection is to get insight into the higher self and help to find your hidden purpose and the real meaning of life.
The angel wing calcite crystal may help you dive into strong lucid dreams, improve self-expression, create a positive mindset, and bring a sense of calm to your soul.

The stone is also known for its amazing healing effects on the throat. It is believed it will keep you away from several throat infections and improve your immunity. The crystal might boost the functioning of the thyroid gland when placed near the throat.
The crystal may also help in the regeneration of old dead cells, freshen blood vessels, and improve the overall health of the heart. You may experience weight loss, get rid of headaches, and can remain free from various diseases by using the angel wing calcite crystal.

>>Angel Wing Calcite Metaphysical Properties
Angel wing calcite is known to have many metaphysical properties. This is the brighter side of the stone, and it might help you get rid of any type of negative influence. The stone ushers in positiveness and brings an optimistic view of one’s life.
2. Apart from these qualities, the stone is believed to help people by increasing their telepathic communication skills, increasing chances of spirit connections, and making divine connections a possibility.
3. The stone is also known to have powerful effects on various chakras in the body. The throat chakra is indirectly influenced by the stone. This improves our sense of communication and makes us aware of our speech.
4. The crystal may also open the third eye chakra with its high energy. This chakra is responsible for wisdom and divine thoughts.
5. The crystal is also known to open the crown chakra. The crown chakra reveals divine truths and universal facts to one’s consciousness. This might make you more aware of the self and external reality. Many claims suggest that the crystal improves your dreaming experience and helps you reach lucid dreaming.
>>How to Use Angel Wing Calcite
Angel wing calcite is used best to perform spiritual practices. The stone helps in increasing your focus and creating a positive mindset. The stone is usually used in large sizes to bring angel altar.
Many people use minute pieces of the crystal to practice meditation on a deeper level. The stone is held high overhead with the help of a thread or any other item.
The stone, after many uses, can be cleaned by placing it for some time in brown rice and then under the moonlit night sky for a night.
>>Angel Wing Calcite Meditation
Angel wing calcite is prominently used in spiritual practices involving meditation. The stones are famous for their effect on meditation practices. The angel wing calcite might connect you to your angel leading to enhanced concentration powers and spiritual feelings. It is believed to invoke higher ethereal energies, and this allows better chances to experience divine angelic powers. The crystal may open your mind to higher spiritual light by opening the precious soul star and stellar chakras. These chakras are located directly above the head and help a person to experience divinity and enhanced meditation.

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