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HOW TO USE DIVINE HEALING CODES (metal health, wellbeing and success)

The spaces between the numbers are IMPORTANT–be sure to copy them exactly as written for them to work. There are three ways to use the codes:

  • The spaces between the numbers are part of the code, do not omit them.
  • Copy and use the numbers exactly as written to active their power
  • Placing the codes in the energy field of the body is all that is required, they do not need to be in the exact part of the body that holds discomfort.
    • write the codes in the air, big or small, you decide
    • write the codes on a note, place it in your pocket, purse, or under your pillow
    • draw the codes with your finger on your body.
  • Relax, you cannot do this wrong. Love and the power of your intent are controlling the outcome.

11 21 495 for insomnia
22 11 377 to improve memory
25 36 933 for generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)
45 826 9994 5789 to enhance creative flow and inspiration
64 07 991 for nail biting, hair pulling, and other obsessive-compulsive type anxiety behaviors
13 14 335 for allergies, in general
35 41 553 for toothache
11 11 171 for anemia and for healthier blood
11 32 899 for symptoms with menstruation, bloating, PMS, pain
31 31 798 pre-menopause, peri-menopause, and menopause trouble
34 41 323 for arthritis and arthrosis
43 14 223 for general inflammation
88 44 242 for opening the third eye but only if it is permitted in your current life plan
32 27 5427 to lift the veil on the memory of past lives lived
11 67 692 for help in manifesting
1111 742 893 4114 87878 01543 1111 “surprise” code from the Galactics ~ ONLY USE if given permission as this is extremely high energy
0 2345 7000 13134 42145 789 0 for higher dimensional access
13 24 686 9789 4516 for financial security (if allowed in life plan)


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These codes are like having your own cheat code to a video game- only it’s for life! Using the Grabovoi codes list is a lot like the Law of Attraction. You are basically using your belief in the numbers to attract what you want. In order for them to work you want to get into a hypnotic, and relaxed state. Memorizing the codes are not necessary, but the more they become a part of your belief system the better. You want to really feel comfortable and focused when you use them. The main key also is repetition. The more you use the codes, the better your results will be.

  1. First, pick the corresponding code that goes with what you want to manifest. It’s best to start with just one first, but once you get more comfortable you can use more than one code at a time.
  2. Make sure you are relaxed and in a good state of mind when you use the codes. It’s best if you can have a quiet time, however, it’s not necessary.


How you do that is really up to you. The main ingredient for any manifestation is belief and repetition. Grabovoi numbers are no different! Now, some believe you need to do an elaborate meditation where you picture the numbers in a glowing ball of light and recite it a certain amount of time.
However, others have good results by just writing the numbers over and over and putting them where they can see them. Certain combinations can even be more powerful. Play around with it and find what works for you.
Really hear the numbers as you repeat them-whether in your mind or out loud. If there are no spaces, do not pause. If there are spaces, be sure to take a quick pause in between sequences. Then repeat!

Some tips:
It’s very important to keep in mind, if you are writing or saying the cheat codes you want to make sure you recite it in the order its written. For example, if there is a space make sure to write it that way or pause. Do not add anything extra to it or run it together if there is a space. Make sure you don’t add a space if its a continuous number.
Make sure you focus on the number multiple times a day, and at least several times.

Grabovoi also recommends writing the code down and putting it in water for extra amplification of the energy.

  • Some of the ways to manifest with Grabovoi numbers:
    Write them on sticky notes, paper, etc. where you can see them often.
  • Journal and write them down daily. You could do a 55 x 5 or 33 x 3 journaling exercise with your cheat codes instead of an affirmation or statement.
  • Repeat them out loud.
  • Change your passwords to your Grabovoi codes list
  • Do a pillow manifestation with the codes.
  • Incorporate them into your other manifestation rituals
  • Use in water manifestation

Finder: www.healingnumbers.info

Increase Sales – 541 213 819 48
Financial Abundance – 318 798
Unexpected Money: 520 741 8
Entrepreneurship – 71974131981
Lots of Money – 318 612 518 714
Connect with the Creator: 12370744
ANIMALS – 555 142 198 110
Rheumatoid arthritis – 8914201

Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi (born November 14, 1963 in the region of Shymkent, Kazakhstan) is a qualified mechanic and paramedic and is the founder and leader of the Russian sect Обучение всеобщему спасению и гармоничному развитию (Teaching Universal Salvation and Harmonious Development). He has claimed to be the second coming of Jesus Christ, to be able to resurrect the dead, teleport, cure AIDS and cancer at any stage, diagnose and solve problems of electronic devices remotely, to be clairvoyant and to be able to change reality.

In 2008, he was sentenced to 11 years in prison after promising to the mothers of victims of the 2004 Beslan school siege that he could resurrect their children. He was released early in 2010 and now lives in Serbia, from where he promotes his pseudoscientific project Universe Hacking Codes, which has gained special popularity due to the coronavirus epidemic, mostly through the social network TikTok.


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