Info Based on book Cure Tooth Decay: Heal and Prevent Cavities with Nutrition by Rami Nagel

Foods rich with vitamin A, D & Activator X (butter oil)
Raw butter or ghee (grass feed)
Raw cream
Fish eggs
Skate liver oil
Bone marrow
Cheese & eggs (grass feed)

1/4 tsp/2-3 times daily – XFactor Gold from www.codliveroilshop.com (Pg 40)
1 tsp/2-3 times daily grass feed butter (Kerrygold or Anchor)

Vitamin A from liver
Vitamin D from yolks
Bone broths, raw cheese, cooked fish, grass feed beef and lamb, wild fish eggs, yogurt, kefir
Cooked fruit in cream or butter: berries (no blueberries), pears, kiwis, green apples
Raw dairy – www.realmilk.com

Calcium sources: 1 bunch kale or collards daily
1 cup – cheese 400mg, yogurt 300mg, milk 276mg, cooked collards 266mg, kale 171mg
2 cups broccoli 120mg. Adults need 1 – 1.5gr daily.
1-2 cups bone broth daily (beef or fish)

Allowed sugars (if cavities are not severe): grade B maple syrup, raw honey, pure cane juice
Heavenly Organics sugar or Rapunzels Rapadura sugar
NO evaporated cane juice or white sugar!!!

Avoid potatoes except fermented sweet potatoes (Nourishing Traditions recipe)
All veggies cooked except cucumbers and lettuce

Grains & Legumes
Phytic Acid ValuesSoaked in acidic water and cooked – quinoa, beans, lentil
>> Quinoa– soaked with whey 16-18h and then cook for 82-88 removal phytic acid
>> Brown jasmine rice start with phytase rich starter (see recipes section)
2 cups rice soak 16 – 24h in 4 cups of water and 4 Tbs whey, yogurt, kefir, lemon or ACV
Cook 45min on low with salt and 2-4 Tbs butter
Better option:
soak brown rice 16-24 h in water
Reserve 10% liquid in the fridge and use it next time.
Repeat every time and after 4 rounds 96% phytic acid will be removed

LENTILS-soak in warm water with a bit of lemon juice. Seven hours is good.

Occasional pop corn with butter is ok
Coconut flour is ok

Vitamin C: camu camu, acerola cherry, rose hip
Folic acid: liver, beans, seaweed, leafy greens (beans soak overnight with kombu)

DON’T EAT regularly; seeds, nuts, beans (Nuts to be soaked in salted water)
Rye sourdough bread is allowed: rye starter

Foods containing phytic acid should be eaten with foods high in vit C, vit D and calcium.

BlueIce Royal Blend from www.codliveroilshop.com – dosage based on weight (Pg. 207)
STANDARD PROCESS vitamins – Biodent
Zinc: Oystermax/ or extract powder capsules
Vit K2 and calcium from natto

www.livinglibations.com (oral health products US + CAD)
www.naturesdesigndental.com (holistic dentist, Vancouver BC area)
www.enlightendental.ca (holistic dentist, Vancouver BC area)
www.benaturallyprepared.com (Green Pasture products for CAD)

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