From “The Complete Aromatherapy and Essential Oils SourceBook”

BLEMISH STICK – 1 TBS shea butter, 1/4 TBS kokum butter or a little amount bee wax, 10 drops essential oils like tea tree, lavender, rosemary, clary sage, frankincense, chamomile, rose geranium. Melt shea and kokum butter when melted add oils and pour in lip balm tubes.
BLEMISH ROLL ON – 2 TBS ACV infused with green tea, 1 TBS witch hazel, 10 drops essential oil. Mix all ingredients together and pour into roll on bottle, shake well. Green tea infused – place 10-12 TBS green tea leaves in a jar, cover with ACV, shake and leave in the sun for a week. Shake daily. After a week strain the leaves and use in the recipe. Store in dark, cool place.
BLEMISH ROLL ON 2 – Fill 10ml roll-on bottle with witch hazel. Then, add one drop of tea tree oil and one drop of orange oil. Shake to combine. This will give you a 1% dilution rate, which is what most essential oil books recommend for kids. If you’re making this for yourself, you can use two drops of each oil to create a 2% dilution.

OILY SKIN associated with lack of folic acid, vitamins C, E, F
Cleaning Lotion: 5 tsp witch hazel,3oz lavender water,1 TBS glycerin, 7 drops both lavender and geranium, 3 drops each sandalwood and bergamot.
Facial Oil Or Cream: 2-3 drops each lavender,geranium patchouli or palmarosa,1 TBS wheat germ oil and 5 tsp apricot kernel oil or in bland cream. Wipe excess after 15-20 min
Face Mask: 1 – 2 a week made from5 tsp wet clay paste, with 6-7drops in total tea tree, bergamot and lavender.
Aromatherapy Oils: tea tree, bergamot, geranium,lavender,rosemary,cypress, sandalwood,lemongrass, clary sage, juniper, palmarosa, chamomile, patchouli, lemon, eucalyptus, cedarwood

SCARRED SKIN associated with lack of vitamin B2
Notes: Borage and wheat germ oil. Rose oil with rosehip oil.
Methods: 1 tsp rosehip seed,wheat germ or borage oil to 1 tsp cream base with 1 drop of rose, lavender or neroli, twice a day.
Aromatherapy Oils: rose,frankincense, neroli, lavender, sandalwood, palmarosa

CHAPPED LIPS 2 drops chamomile roman + 2 drops geranium mix well with 2 tsp aloe vera gel or basic balm. Other oils: eucalyptus radiata, rose otto, sandalwood, neroli.

CELLULITE up vitamin C, B complex and zinc
Notes: dry brushing daily
Concentrated Oil: 3-4 drops carrot seed, grapefruit and fennel oil in 5 tsp jojoba oil and massage vigorously into affected area.
Aromatherapy Oils: spanish sage, bergamot, rosemary, juniper, thyme, grapefruit, celery seed, fennel, geranium, carrot seed, coriander, mandarin, orange, lime, lemon
Method:  use 8-10 drops recommended oils (or combination) and apply to brush or loofah and rub circularly while breathing

COLDS avoid dairy and wheat.Up vit C, teas:peppermint,rose-hip, elderflower or lemon
Colds With Cough: make chest rub of 4-5drops each of ginger, thyme, lavender in 5 tsp of carrier oil and rub chest twice daily. Frankincense
could be used as well.
Steaming: 5-6 drops in total tea tree, eucalyptus and thyme in steaming bowl water. Cover head with a towel. Inhale 5-10 min.
Sore Throat: 4-5 drops tea tree and gargle three times daily
Aromatherapy Oils: tea tree, eucalyptus, rosemary, marjoram, lavender, lemon, pine, thyme, peppermint, bergamot, ginger, cinnamon leaf, clove

Steam Inhalation: blend 3 drops rosemary, 1 drop thyme, 1 drop peppermint, 1 drop geranium and place 3 drops of the blend to bowl of hot water. Inhale through the nose. Keep eyes closed.
Tissue Inhalation: blend 2 drops rosemary, 1 drop geranium, 1 drop eucalyptus radiata and place 1 drop of the blend on tissue. Inhale as needed.
Massage: blend 5 drops rosemary, 5 drops geranium, 2 drops eucalyptus radiata, 1 drop peppermint and mix 3-5 drops of the blend with 1 tsp carrier oil. Massage around the neck and in front and behind ears. add 1 drop of the blend to 1 tsp carrier oil and massage over cheekbones, nose and forehead. Avoid eye area.

ANTIMICROBIAL ROOM SPRAY – spearmint 10d, lemon 10d, orange sweet 10d, basil linalol, thyme linalol 4d, lemongrass 6d, oregano 12 d, clove bud 4d. mix together and add 4oz warm water, shake well and leave to cool. Shake well before use

DIARRHEA dilute 5 drops oils in total in 1 tsp base oils and massage abdominal area 3 times a day.
Due to Food: peppermint, thyme linalol, tea tree, eucalyptus radiata, chamomile roman, cardamon
Due to Nerves: lavander, lemon, peppermint, geranium, chamomile roman, cardamon
Due to Viral Infection: tea tree, lemon, eucalyptus radiata, thyme linalol, lavender

General: in warm 1 tsp of olive oil add 1 drop lavender + 1 drop chamomile roman and blend well. Soak cotton ball and squeeze excess oil. Put gently in the ear. Massage around ear area with blended 2 drops chamomile roman, 1 drop lavender, 1 drop tea tree, 1 drop geranium. Add 3-5 blend drops to 1 tsp of carrier oil.
Infection: in warm 1 tsp of olive oil add 2 drops lavender + 3 drops tea tree and blend well. Soak cotton ball and squeeze excess oil. Put gently in the ear. Massage around ear area with blended 2 drops tea tree, 2 drops lavender, 2 drops thyme linalol. Add 4-5 blend drops to 1 tsp of carrier oil.

TEETH AND GUMS HEALTH up vit C for gums and vit B3 for bad breath
Toothache: 1-2 drops clove oil directly on tooth and massage. 
Gingivitis: 4-5 drops tea tree in warm glass of water and rinse after brushing. Massage before going to bed with 2 TBS tincture of myrrh + 6 drops tea tree + 3 drops of each lemon eucalyptus, peppermint and thyme. Add 6-8 drops of this tincture to glass of lukewarm water and rinse/massage  gums 2-3 times daily.
Bad Breath: chew seeds of caraway, cardamon, coriander, clove buds or candied ginger. 4-5 drops of tea tree to glass of lukewarm water – rinse and gargle.

Constipation: Eat bran, oats, prunes. Fennel and ginger tea. 3-4 drops each rosemary, peppermint, ginger or black pepper with 5 tsp almond oil and massage abdomen gently in clockwise direction. Repeat twice daily.
Candida: Vaginal thrush – 10 drops of tea tree oil in 2oz cocoa butter/coconut oil base. Make pallets and insert 1-2 times a day.  

Influenza: Peppermint, elderflower tea, sliced lemon, ginger and honey hot water. Tea tree, eucalyptus or rosemary in vaporizer. Sprinkle a few drops of marjoram or bergamont on pillow.
Respiratory infection: 2-3 drops each tea tree, clary sage and thyme in a glass of warm water and gargle at least 2-3 times a day. 
Massage: back of the neck, chest and sole of feet with 4-5 drops of each tea tree, lemon, eucalyptus and cinnamon or clove in 5 tsp base oil twice a day. 

Anxiety: Chamomile, lemon balm, hops or verbena teas. Oatmeal diet is best tonic for nervous system. Blend 2-3 drops of lavender with 1 tsp almond oil and massage into hands and soles.
Oils: bergamot, chamomile, neroli, ylang ylang, lavender, valerian, vetiver, rose, clary sage, frankincense, cedarwood.
Insomnia: Vit B complex, chamomile, hops, skullcap, valerian tea. Vaporized lavender oil. Few drops lavender or chamomile oil on soles of feet. Valerian for stronger effect but no more than 2 weeks at stretch. Few drops lavender or pajamas or pillow for kids. Oils: lavender, chamomile, vetiver, valerian, marjoram, neroli, clary sage.
Depression: take good multivitamins and minerals, B complex, ginseng and damiana tea or tablets. Massage with 7-8 drops in total lavender, neroli, petitgrain, bergamot in 2oz base oil. Vaporize with bergamot or lavender. Wear rose, jasmine or neroli as a perfume. Oils: basil,bergamot,neroli, jasmine, melissa, rose, sandalwood, lavender.
Stress: maybe deficiency in trace minerals, B6, B3, chamomile, valerian, hops, skullcap. 2-3 drops roman chamomile or lavender in 1 tsp almond oil massage into hands and soles. Shooting room lavender, frankincense or bergamot inhale throughout the day. Rose, ylang, ylang or neroli as perfume. Oils: lavender, chamomile, neroli, ylang ylang, valerian, vetiver, rose, clary sage, frankincense, marjoram, jasmine, nutmeg.
>> Environmental stress: inhale chamomile roman, geranium, cypress, lemongrass, marjoram, frankincense
>> Chemical stress: inhale lavender, clary sage, patchouli, grapefruit, lemon, geranium, rosemary
>> Physical stress: rosemary, bergamot lavender, grapefruit, sandalwood, basil linalol, patchouli
>> Mental stress: geranium, gbergamot, lavender, grapefruit, sandalwood, basil, patchouli
>> Emotional stress: geranium, vetiver, sandalwood, rose otto, palmarosa, cardamom, bergamot, ylang ylang
Positivity: in massage oils, showers, inhale grapefruit, patchouli, cypress, frankincense, lemon, vetiver, geranium, rosemary. Bland geranium, grapefruit, petitgrain, frankincense. 30 d of each oil dilute in 1oz carrier oil to make body oil or dilute with various methods.

Confidence: cypress, cardamom, fennel sweet, ginger, bergamot, rosewood, grapefruit, jasmine, pine, sandalwood, geranium, rosemary, orange sweet.

Argan Oil – SKIN:aging, regeneration, wrinkles, blemishes, scars. Prevents acne, rashes, sunburn. Very gentle for around the eyes and for children. All skin types. HAIR: excellent conditioner since is nongreasy. Hair growth when massaged into the scalp. Few drops at the ends and roots after washing on damp hair. TIPS: few drops over face and neck. Heals cracked heels and brittle nails.
Borage Oil – SKIN:very effective for aging, cellular regeneration, wrinkles, very dry skin.  High GLA. For sunburn, dermatitis, eczema. HAIR: excellent for dry and over treated hair. Massage into scalp for dandruff, hair loss, cradle cap. TIPS: apply directly on sunburns.
Calendula Oil – SKIN:dry and mature skin, good wound healer, blemishes, scars, rashes, sunburns.  Very gentle for around eyes, for kids, eczema, diaper rash. Antifungal for ringworm and athlete’s foot. Anti aging repairing tissue rapidly. HAIR: Massage into scalp for dandruff, hair growth. TIPS: apply after sun to repair damage.
Coconut Oil – SKIN:heals skin, wrinkles, sunspots.  Very gentle Very gentle, reduces external stress, chemicals, promoting collagen formation. Antifungal, dermatitis, eczema, rashes. I didn’t have good results for acne. Antifungal for ringworm, nail infections and athlete’s foot. HAIR: excellent hair conditioner, protects against sun damage. For scalp problems. Massage 1 TBS into hair roots and leave 2-3 hours before washing. TIPS: Ideal base for perfumes, great cleanser and moisturizer and make up remover.
St John’s Worth – muscular strain and tension, nerve pain, stress. SKIN: strongly helps skin to regenerate and heal itself. Sunburns, bruises, cuts. For thread and varicose veins, scars and stretch marks. Anti aging repairing tissue rapidly. HAIR: Prevents sun damage. TIPS: apply to hair  before sun to prevent damage. Apply directly to the broken capillaries and varicose and thread veins.
Evening Primrose Oil – SKIN: Dry, mature, acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea. Renew cellular structure of the skin. High in GLA. Great for hormonal imbalances like acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea. Apply directly to affected skin.HAIR: Prevents sun damage. TIPS: massage into scalp 2-3 hours before washing out for hair growth.
Avocado Oil – SKIN: Dry, age spots, fine lines. Helps from UV damages. Increases collagen metabolism. Heals acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea. HAIR: superb hair conditioner when applied directly. Massage into scalp for dandruff, growth, shine. TIPS: great for cracked skin; hands, elbows, heels.
Peach Kernel Oil – SKIN: Sensitive skin; babies and young kids.High GLA and great for anti aging. Firming and toning the skin. HAIR: deep hair conditioner when 1 TBS applied warm 2-3 hours before washing. TIPS: delicate skin and chapped lips. Not for oily, acne prone skin.
Sweet Almond Oil – SKIN: Sensitive skin; babies and young kids. Revitalizing, nourishing, smoothing effect. Great as a daily body moisturizer. Regular use prevents signs of aging. Under eyes for dark circles. HAIR: Hair loss, flaky scalp, dandruff. 1 TBS applied warm 2-3 hours before washing. TIPS: apply warm oil on nails and rub into cuticles. Not for oily, acne prone skin.
Apricot Kernel Oil – SKIN: Sensitive skin; babies and young kids.High vit E and GLA; great for anti aging and deep nourishing. Firming and toning the skin. It helps skin inflammations like eczema and dermatitis especially when mixed with St. John’s Worth in equal amount. HAIR: great as detangler. deep hair conditioner when 1 TBS applied warm 2-3 hours before washing. TIPS: delicate skin and chapped lips. Not for oily, acne prone skin.
Rosehip Seed Oil – SKIN: great for acne scars, but not directly on acne. High vit C.Eczema, rosacea, protects from aging when used regularly. Reduces wrinkles, sunburn, sunspots.  HAIR: massage into dry scalp and itchiness. TIPS: 2 times daily apply on the face and around eyes using gentle upward strokes. Great for facial serums. Apply daily while pregnant to prevent stretch marks.
Jojoba Oil – SKIN: waxy substance locks the moisture. Clears acne when used regularly due to the sebum regulation effect. Great for sun damaged, cracked, peeling skin. Stimulate collagen production, great for aging skin and sensitive complexion. HAIR: great for split ends, damaged hair. Control hair loss, dandruff, psoriasis. Quick fix conditioner; rub 20 min before washing into damp hair. TIPS: before and after shaving, make up remover, lip balm.
Wheat Germ Oil – SKIN: excellent for very dry, damaged, cracked, scarred skin. High in vit E so good for anti aging. High in omega 3 so it’s good for stress. Regenerative effect, promotes skin elasticity, moisturizes cells from deep within, result in even skin tone.  Helps in building collagen so it’s valuable for skin aging. Applied directly to the skin heals scars and stretch marks. Used in moderation in facial oils regulates sebum production so it helps with acne and other skin problems. HAIR: nourishing and shine. Use 1:1 with almond oil, argan or avocado oil. Apply 2-3 hours on scalp and hair before washing. TIPS: 5 – 15% to body or facial oil acts as natural preservative.
Grapeseed Oil – SKIN: excellent for oily skin, combination, acne prone as well aging and scarred. Non comedogenic. Vit C, D and E good for anti aging. Apply locally on wrinkles, under eyes for dark circles. Restores collagen so it’s good for mature skin. HAIR: Apply 20 min before washing hair as a great conditioner. TIPS: apply directly to acne. Excellent make up remover.

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