I am more than my physical body and because I am more than physical matter I deeply desire
to expand, to experience, to know, to understand, to control, to use, such greater energies and
energy systems as may be beneficial and constructive to me and to those around and close to me.
Also, I deeply desire the help and the cooperation, the assistance, the understanding of those individuals
whose wisdom, development and experience are equal or greater than my own.

~ TRACK #1: Orientation – introduction and Focus 3
~ TRACK #2: Intro Focus 10 – establish the state of mind awake/body asleep
~ TRACK #3: Advanced Focus 10 – expand perception and learn greater control of personal energy
~ TRACK #4: Release and Recharge – detach from old fears and negative emotions
~ TRACK #5: Exploration, Sleep – techniques for expanding and exploring while asleep
~ TRACK #6: Focus 10 Free Flow – experiment with all tools learned in Wave I

~ TRACK #1: Intro Focus 12 – establish the higher energy state of expanded awareness
~ TRACK #2: Problem Solving – receive creative solutions to your questions
~ TRACK #3: One Month Patterning – reshape your life in desired direction
~ TRACK #4: Color Breathing – link mind and body to energize and support healing
~ TRACK #5: Energy Bar Tool – direct your nonphysical energies
~ TRACK #6: Living Body Map – balance and strengthen the physical self

~ TRACK #1: Lift Off – achieve ease with nonphysical experience
~ TRACK #2: Remote Viewing – tools for distant perception
~ TRACK #3: Vectors – reference points for easy movement
~ TRACK #4: Five Questions – answers from your total self
~ TRACK #5: Energy Food – absorb nonphysical energy
~ TRACK #6: First Stage Separation – explore nonphysical consciousness

~ TRACK #1: One Year Patterning – for designing your desired future
~ TRACK #2: Five Messages – gain insight into your total self
~ TRACK #3: Free Flow 12 – an unparalleled background for personal exploration
~ TRACK #4: NVC I – non-verbal communication, the language of intuitive thought
~ TRACK #5: NVC II – broaden perception in all states of your being
~ TRACK #6: Compoint 12 – establish a reference point for communication with higher consciousness

~ TRACK #1: Advanced Focus 12 – strengthen and reinforce your familiarity with this valuable state
~ TRACK #2: Discovering Intuition – use Focus 12 as a natural foundation for enhancing your intuitive abilities
~ TRACK #3: Exploring Intuition – further exploration of your intuitive abilities
~ TRACK #4: Intro to Focus 15 – be guided into Focus 15, the state of “no time,” where time does not exist for you
~ TRACK #5: Mission 15 Creation and Manifestation – explore Focus 15 as a powerful state of creation and manifestation
~ TRACK #6: Exploring Focus 15 – a free flow opportunity for further exploration of this extraordinary state

~ TRACK #1: Sensing – learn to control your energy body
~ TRACK #2: Expansion – reach out further from your physical body
~ TRACK #3: Point of Departure – project “out of phase” from your physical self
~ TRACK #4: Nonphysical Friends – meet your “helpers in energetic form”
~ TRACK #5: Intro to Focus 21 – travel the bridge to other energy systems
~ TRACK #6: Free Flow Journey in Focus 21 – brand-new territory for your exploration

~ TRACK #1: Metamorphosite – Use patterning to bring about the changes you have set for yourself.
~ TRACK #2: Bio-Body – examination of your physical body and its rhythms using the appropriate tools (such as your Living Body Map and Energy Bar Tool)
~ TRACK #3: Null Point – neutral phase, you may purposefully decide exactly what to explore.
~ TRACK #4: Plus Polarity –  Pay attention to subtle changes in your awareness. Notice if you recognize more aspects of nonphysical energy.
~ TRACK #5: Near Reaches – Passing through the Null Point in this exercise can lead, you to discover untold treasures in and of time and space.
~ TRACK #6: Far Reaches – pass through the Null Point and begin your hunt. Dig deep. Soar high. You’re now beyond words.

~ TRACK #1: Explore Total Self – gain a better understanding of your total self
~ TRACK #2: Intro to Focus 23 – you are guided to the transitional reality of those who have just completed a physical life
~ TRACK #3: Intro to Focus 25 – you will be guided to the belief system territories
~ TRACK#4: Intro to Focus 27 – you are introduced to the reception center between physical lives
~ TRACK #5: Retrieval – you will learn how to assist those in Focus 23
~ TRACK #6: Messages From Beyond – as you return to Focus 27, opportunities exist to send and receive messages

~ TRACK #1: Special Tour – returning to your place in Special Place in Focus 27, you will obtain an overview of other areas you will explore in more detail
~ TRACK #2: Meeting the Entry Director – learn about some of your own personal history, and the steps in preparing to enter a physical body
~ TRACK #3: Educational Opportunities – opportunity to ask for a personal demonstration for how the Educational Center functions
~ TRACK#4: Healing and Regeneration Center – receive a personal experience for whatever healing, regeneration or balancing you are most in need of
~ TRACK #5: The Planning Center – observe and participate in the place which oversees energy patterns in the Earth Life System.
~ TRACK #6: Coordination Area – meet the energy beings responsible for maintaining and managing this area of Focus 27 and learn about opportunities for further growth and development
~ TRACK #7: Inner Earth – meet with the intelligences who maintain the physical Earth and explore the different mineral kingdoms as you make your way to the inner Earth core.
~ TRACK #7: The Absolute – unique opportunity to experience graduating from the Earth Life System.

~ Awake and Alert (Discovery #2)To become physically wide awake and alert, touch the fingers of your right hand to the back of your neck and repeat the number one in your mind.
~ Energy Food (Threshold #4, Freedom #5)To receive, convert, and store fresh new energy, close your physical eyes, extend your  physical hands outward palms up, then inhale deeply and hold your breath for a moment. Think of  pure, white energy flowing from above into your palms, through your arms into your total self.Exhale and open your eyes.
~ Focus 10 (Discovery #3)To move to Focus 10 (mind alert and body deeply asleep), inhale sparkling energy, say in your mind or think the number ten, exhale, and you will be in Focus 10.
~ To move to Focus 10 (Threshold #5)To move to Focus 10, close your eyes and count slowly from one to ten. You will then be in Focus 10.
~ Focus 12 (Threshold #1)To be in Focus 12 (expanded awareness) from Focus 10, count from ten to twelve, and you will be in Focus 12.
~ Healing (Threshold #4)To bring any part of your physical body to a normal, healthy, balanced, operating condition,close your eyes and inhale. Hold your breath and think of the cool energy of purple. Send that energy to that part of your physical body requiring help and say in your mind, „Heal, balance.”
~ Manifesting (
~ Memory (Discovery #2, Threshold #5, Freedom #2) To remember any part of your life experience,close your eyes and softly touch the fingers of your right hand to the center of your forehead.
~ Patterning (Threshold #4)To set a pattern, go to Focus 12 (see „Focus 12” encoding) and think of the pattern you desire.Build it carefully in your mind. Then release it strongly and surely into all areas of your expanded awareness.
~ Physical Strength and Agility (Threshold #4) To perform a physical act with far greater strength, speed, and agility, close your physical eyes, inhale deeply, hold your breath, and think of the physical act to be performed, and then the strong color energy of red
  ~ Problem Solving (Threshold #2)To receive the best answer or solution to a problem, inhale deeply, pulling fresh energy into your physical head. Hold your breath, think of the number twelve, then the question or problem.Exhale and receive the answer or solution.
~ Relax (Threshold #6)To relax and remove all harmful tension and emotion from your mind and body, think of the number ten, inhale deeply and exhale as if you were blowing out a candle.Resonant Energy Balloon:
~ REBAL (Discovery #3) To create your REBAL, inhale, and as you hold your breath, think of a bright moving circle with the number ten inside it. Exhale, letting the circle move down, around, and over you. You will automatically reabsorb your REBAL upon completion of any exercise, or by inhaling deeply and thinking of the circle moving back into your  body.
~ Return to C-1 (Discovery #3)To return to full, waking C-1 consciousness, think the number one, and move the fingers of your right hand. You will immediately be wide awake and refreshed.
~ Return to C-1 (Threshold #5)To return to full, waking C-1 consciousness, close your physical eyes and breathe deeply as you count slowly from ten to one, and you will be wide awake and refreshed.
~ Sleep (Discovery #5)To go into normal, natural, restful sleep, count slowly in your mind from one to twenty: When you reach the number twenty, you will be in normal, natural, restful sleep.
~ Stress Reduction (Threshold #4)To reduce any emotional pressure throughout your total system, close your eyes and inhale deeply. Hold your breath and think of the calming, cleansing energy of green. Exhale, pushing all excess and harmful emotional charges down through your body and out through the soles of your feet.

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