23 2x1x8 pine beams
2 rolls of 3 x 50 ft weed blocker
½ gallon of outdoor paint
nail and staple gun
1½” nails
5/16″ staples
5 cubic feet potting soil/compost mix
a variety of succulents

Step 1:
Remove the inner lattice. The inner dimensions of our frame measured 8×8 ft.

Step 2:
Insert two upright 1×2’s approximately 31” apart into the frame. Use a nail gun to secure them to the frame.

Step 3:
Insert horizontal 1×2 beams that will hold the plants. The beams were set 2 ¾” apart and nailed into the frame and the uprights.


Step 4:
Paint the frame and beams.

Step 5:
We created pockets for our plants using Jamie Spooner’s method found here. Jamie has great diagrams of how this is done, so please visit his site for more details.
We altered our pockets to fit smaller plants. Our edge folds were approximately 2¼” on either side and our pockets were approximately 10” deep.

Step 6:
Mix compost and potting soil and fill the pockets.


Step 7:
Decide on a design (probably the hardest part) and plant succulents.

Step 8:
Use a hose to water your newly planted garden. Our living wall is beneath an old oak tree therefore we only need to water it once a week.


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