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Arsenic Album 30 is a common homeopathic medicine, used in the treatment of common cold, cough or the flu. Arsenic album has been considered to fight off any inflammation in the body. This medicine is also effective in treating throbbing frontal headache, burning chest pain, restless, and fearful. Arsenic album 30 is a form of preventive medicine against COVID-19.

If someone has been exposed to family who are COVID positive, or has been exposed to a lot of people who are COVID positive, Bryonia is the remedy of choice. Give the 200C potency once a day for 3 days every week for 2-3 weeks to boost the immunity. 200C matches the pace of the Omicron variant which is very fast. The COVID-19 nosode has also shown promising results in research trials.

Bryonia is the first choice for the cluster of symptoms – fever, headache, and malaise. Use Bryonia 200C for milder cases and 1M for the stronger cases. Use the 1M 3 times per day for rapidly developing cases.

For cases of fever and chill during Omicron, use China, as well as Phosphoric acid.

If there is sore throat and no fever and no body ache, just a scraping sensation in the throat, then the drug of choice is Phosphorus. Then the next remedy to think of would be Rumex. Once the cough sets in Rumex is the better choice. The Rumex cough is worse from cold air and change of weather to cold. Note that the Omicron variant first emerged when winter set in. Rumex is a good remedy in areas where there is a change to winter and change to cold air (for example, in the northern hemisphere).  Dulcamara is also indicated in colder climates, as well as Aconitum.

After the fever breaks, sometimes Pulsatilla is the indicated remedy. This is a great remedy to give post influenza. It is also a great antiviral remedy. Pulsatilla is more effective in warmer weather locations and in southern climates.

Merc sol is for when the throat pain is intense, with a lot of redness and swelling in the throat. Other remedies for burning throat pain include Merc-i-r, Merc-i-f, Hepar sulph, Arsenicum album, and Baryta carb. If the throat symptoms are vague, the top remedy used by Dr. Gaurang Gaikwad is Streptococcinum 1M.

For cough, the main indicated remedies are Rumex, Phosphorus and Pulsatilla. Also consider, in some cases, Bryonia, Drosera, Spongia or Senega. For dry cough Dr. Gaurang Gaikwad also recommends Hyoscyamus and Bromium and for loose cough he recommends Manganum aceticum if the cough is better from lying down.

To dry up mucus in the nasal passages, throat, and/or lungs, Kali mur 6X homeopathic cell salt along with one of the above indicated remedies.

For fatigue and weakness post COVID, Eupatorium and Abrotanum are the main remedies, according to the Joshis. Think of Abrotanum for elderly people who have tremendous weakness and dullness and fatigue after COVID, who are irritable and angry. Abrotanum 200C can be a good remedy for irritable, weak children after COVID – irritable weak children. Abrotanum is a great remedy for children and/or elderly post COVID. If there are a lot of joint and body pains then use Eupatorium. If there is bone breaking body pain and weakness, take Eupatorium 200C once per day for even a week, post flu or post COVID. Dr. Andre Saine recommends using Bryonia or Carbn-o for COVID long-haulers. For cases of depression and/or anxiety post COVID, Dr. Girish Gupta has found that most cases respond well to Arsenicum album.


VIT D 3000UI/day
VIT C 1000mg/day
ZINC 20mgelderberry 100-150mg
NAC 500mg
BLACK SEED OIL 2000-4000mg

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