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Milk is just as good for plants as it is for people! Before you recycle your empty milk containers, rinse them out with clean water, and then use this water/milk mixture to water your plants. The milk residue in the water will provide small amounts of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus – these are the three most essential nutrients for healthy plant growth. By using this, you can look forward to stronger stems, larger leaves, and more flowers!
You can use your leftover tea leaves to fertilize your plants. Just open the tea bag, and mix up the tea leaves into your plant’s soil. Black tea is a good source of nitrogen, which helps stimulate plant growth and flower production.
Eggshells are comprised mostly of calcium, which plants need for healthy leaves, roots and flowers. Let the eggshells dry, then grind them into fine powder with a food processor. Mix the powder into the surface of the soil around each plant. That’s all it takes for your plants to thrive and produce more flowers. You can add more eggshell dust every few months to keep the benefits of this.
Epsom salt encourages healthy plant growth. It contains high concentrations of magnesium, which is essential for plant development, root health, and flower production. When used as a spray, it is absorbed quickly, resulting in a flowering, beautiful plant. Dissolve a teaspoon of Epsom salt in a spray bottle of water, and mist plants every week. Epsom salt is great for plants that appear to have nutrient deficiency and yellowing leaves.

Organic fertilizers are great options for your plants, but even these fertilizers are no match for plant-eating insects, mold, and disease. For plants that are suffering from any of these issues, Pure 3-Way can help. This insecticide and fungicide contains lemongrass oil, a natural ingredient that kills bugs and disease safely.

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