STOVETOP EO POTPOURRI: 1 cup water, 10 d clove eo, 10 d cinnamon eo, 5 d nutmeg eo, 1 T fresh orange rind, bring to boil but don’t boil

COUNTERTOP LEMON SPRAY: 1 cup water, 1/2 white vinegar, 1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide, 20 d lemon eo. Put into spray bottle and shake well before use. Will last up to 12 months.

COUNTER CLEANER: 1 cup distilled water, 1 tsp castile soap, 10 d rosemary eo, 10 d tea tree into spray bottle. Will last up to 1 year.

MIGRAINE: 2 d cinnamon leaf eo, 1 T olive oil; massage onto temples, between eyebrows, under nostrils, behind ears. Reapply as needed and discard unused mixture.

CRAMP RELIEF OIL: 1 T evening primrose oil, 10 d roman chamomile, 10 d clary sage, 10 d marjoram; every few hours massage on abdomen until mixture is gone.

TEA TREE MOUTHWASH: 1 cup water, 1 T hydrogen peroxide, 2-6 d tea tree eo. Put into bottle and shake well before using. use within a 1 year.

BREATH MOUTHWASH: 1 TBS coconut oil, 1 TBS warm water, 2 d cinnamon eo, 2 d rosemary eo, 1 c clove eo. Store up to 1 month.

EUCALYPTUS MOTH REPELLENT: 2 T eucalyptus eo, 1 T lavender or pepermint eo, 4-5 large cotton balls. soak cotton balls halfway, set on shelves away from clothing. Make new batch when oils evaporate.

DEPRESSION FIGHTING OIL BLEND: 2 parts sweet orange eo, 1 part lemon oil, 1 part bergamot oil. Mix in small bottle with a lid and inhale to lift up the mood.

OILY FACE SKIN CLEANSER: 1 TBS avocado oil, 1 TBS rosehip oil, 5-10 d carrot seed eo, 4-8 d bergamot eo. Clan face and wash with soapy water.

PEST SPRAY: 1/2 cup distilled water, 1/2 witch hazel, 30 d catnip eo, 10 d citronella eo, 10 d lemon eucalyptus eo in 8oz spray bottle. Will last 1 year.

Olive Oil is anti aging, very gentle
Sweet Almond Oil is anti inflammatory, very gentle
Avocado Oil is high in antioxidants, omega 3, vitamins, minerals, helps collagen production
Jojoba Oil is perfect match to skin sebum, antibacterial, antifungal
Rosehip Seed Oil is very light, absorbs quickly, for mature and acne prone skin
Coconut Oil is full in healthy fats, antioxidants, antibacterial, antifungal
Evening Primrose Oil is light, high in omega 6, eczema, dermatitis, balancing hormones, for very sensitive and dry skin
Sesame Oil is very light, antibacterial, antifungal , antiviral, anti inflammatory

SKIN TREATMENTS – 1 TBS carrier oil supports 6-15 drops eo
FACIAL CARE – 1 TBS carrier oil supports 3-7 drops eo
FOR BATH – 2-12 drops eo in total mixed with salt
STEAM INHALATION – 3-7 drops eo and add more as it evaporates
ROOM OR CLEANING SPRAY – 10-20 drops per 1 TBS of liquid

1. Put 4-5 handfuls of rose petals or lavender buds in large pot
2. Add 6 cups distilled water and mix with hands
3. Place small ceramic bowl face down at the bottom and one on top face up
4. Place lid upside down and ice bag on top
5. Heat liquid to boil and turn down to medium simmer for 20 min
6. Hydrosol will collect in top bowl, should be clear. Keep in fridge for 6 months

Wake up Blend: 2 parts hyssop eo, 1 part yuzu eo, 1 part grapefruit eo into diffuser
Nighttime Blend: 1 part jasmine, 1.5 parts rose otto into diffuser
Stop Stressing Blend: 1 part camomile eo, 1 part lavender oe, 1 part geranium into diffuser
Cold Fighting Blend: 1 part rosemary, 1 part eucalyptus, 1 part peppermint into diffuser
Headache Blend
: 1 part eucalyptus eo, 1 part lavender eo into diffuser

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